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ArrowBilling and ArrowSwitch

ArrowBilling is a high quality prepaid/post paid Billing and Accounting system for VoIP, TDM and Mobile Telephony services. In combination with ArrowSwitch, a SIP/H.323 switch, it makes a complete VoIP system that can be utilized to offer variety of services, including:

  • Small to medium telephony operators offering alternative telecom services
  • MVNOs
  • Calling Card providers
  • Mobile phone SIM-dialer and pre-dialer services
  • Callshop chain operators
  • Callback providers
  • Call Termination service providers
  • Wholesale traffic agents and brokers
  • PC-to-phone, IP phone device services
  • ... and many other service types

General Switch and Billing Features

  • Prepaid/postpaid multilevel Reseller, whitelabel branding billing
  • Based on LINUX or FreeBSD platform
  • SIP proxy and Registrar for retail and wholesale
  • H.323 gatekeeper for wholesale
  • Codec trans-coding: G.729a, G.723, G.711, GSM, iLBC, Speex
  • Multiple Reseller levels
  • Web based access for all levels, including enduser
  • Unlimited number of accounts, PINs, rate tables
  • Unlimited number of Carriers
  • Callshop operators interface
  • End users access interface
  • Wholesale carriers/partners interface
  • DID number support
  • IVR for calling card support
  • ANI (DID) based callback
  • Web based callback (web page button)
  • SMS callback
  • Active Calls display
  • System activity Reports, troubleshooting tools

Retail Account Management

  • Account authentication by username/password, ANI (calling number) or IP address
  • Assignment of reseller
  • Preset initial credit and currency
  • Different Account expiration types (fixed date or fixed number of days after first use)
  • Assign multiple rate tables (via product mapping)
  • Assign one or multiple Recurring services, e.g. monthly or other fees (via product mapping)
  • Assign multiple sub-accounts (aliases)
  • Location profile to ensure shortened dialing within country
  • Setting of IVR language and IVR options
  • Extensive Account info page (address, contacts, email, etc)

Wholesale Account (Carrier) Management

  • Authenticaion by IP address or IP address range (subnet) or IP + prefix
  • Multiple accounts per Carrier
  • Option to register with remote SIP Carrier (multiple registrations simultaneously)
  • Registration status report
  • Web access username and password of Carrier
  • Multicurrency

Batch PIN Management

  • Calling Card PIN Generation
  • PIN activation /de-activation (single and batch)
  • Different PIN length, prefix (initial digits), optional password for PIN
  • Manual or bulk recharge of PIN or batch of PINs
  • PIN upload from text file


  • Payment history report
  • Invoices and corresponding CDR reports
  • Reports on Payments received during a period
  • ASR / ACD reports: total, by carrier, IP (hourly, daily)
  • Call Disconnect Cause Reports
  • Real time balance reporting

Rating and Billing Management

  • Unlimited rate tables in the system with ability to universally assign them to End user (PIN, ANI, etc), Carrier account (terminating / originating) or Reseller
  • Allow to add DNIS-based surcharges to any rate table, based on: dialed destination number and dialed access number
  • Create/edit/upload/copy/delete rate tables
  • Multiple rate tables per account or reseller via dialed prefix
  • Replace rate tables with new by specifying effective start time of particular table
  • Rate tables properties:
    • rates based on Country code, City code, longest digit match
    • multiple currencies, individually set per destination
    • rate per call duration time (rate per minute)
    • rate per call connect (rate per call)
    • variable call duration increment
    • free non-chargeable duration (grace time)
    • round-up short duration calls to specific duration
    • variable number of seconds in minute for IVR purposes
    • enable/disable particular destination or destination block
    • rates based on day or week or time of day
    • minimum and maximum number of digits in destination number
  • DNIS-based Rate surcharge properties:
    • surcharge based on dialed access number and destination number prefix
    • rate per minute surcharge
    • rate per call surcharge
    • surcharge currency
    • IVR language based on Access number dialed
  • Recurring services properties:
    • activate based on usage start criteria (account created / account in use)
    • Service run number of cycles or until stop criteria is met
    • Stop criteria: account disabled, account no balance
    • Services run periods: daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly

Routing Management

  • Unlimited number of Routing groups
  • Routing Group can hold unlimited number of Routes
  • Multi-level failover routing
  • Round robin routing for equal priority destinations
  • Percentage distributed routing based on Terminating Account capacity
  • Huntstop on any route
  • Manipulate the DNIS of a called number and pre-pend a technical prefix for advanced routing
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Upload Routing tables from text file

Calling Card and IVR Management

  • PIN based and PINless (ANI) based calling card support
  • Automatic ANI registration
  • Muliple language and currency support
  • Dial-in number to inquiry the balance of account
  • Balance announce, remaining time and call rate announce

Callback Management

  • ANI based callback, with the all features of calling cards
  • SMS callback via 3rd party gateway
  • Web callback from endusers interface

Enduser Selfprovision Interface

  • Signup via web interface, with various access options
  • Controllable rate plans and initial credits
  • Call detail, call summary, invoice and payments reports
  • Multiple payments methods: recharge voucher, Paypal,, Moneybookers, Barclaycard, Ogone
  • PDF invoices
  • Speed-dial number directory (10 entries)
  • Web-callback (with pre-defined numbers)

Call shop Interface

  • Call Shop Web Interface with admin and operator level functions
  • Dynamically view status of the lines, including line status (idle, disabled, call connecting, active, finished) call duration counters, amount counters)
  • Display list of dialed numbers by current customer
  • Ability to accumulate calls within one invoice for same customer
  • Enter payment and clear the balance of current customer
  • Block / unblock any line
  • Reports
  • Optional module to connect LCD call informational displays in booths(cabins)