PayIVR is a standalone product, and is available for on-premises installation. It can be installed starting from very small one-server systems, up to large, multi-server multi-site scenarios.

PayIVR telephony based payment processing system is available for purchase to be installed at your premises. It comes with free remote installation service. Any bugfix and security updates are free during the lifetime of the product, and free product updates during warranty period. You can also opt for support during after-warranty period. On-site training and 24/7 support available as options.

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Automatic Phone-based payments collection platform

Highly customizable multipurpose Telephony platform to collect and process credit-card payments
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PayIVR is simple, yet complete telephone-accessible platform which allows to set up credit card payment processing in minutes. Comes with SIP system included, supports regular and Toll-Free DID numbers. Voice prompts can be prerecorded and uploaded. Use of TTS supported. Directly connects to Payment Gateways API, no credit card data stored locally. Fully cutomizable via predefined scripts, with multiple script support per platform. Multi-lingual, DTMF detection, voice message recording, arbitrary data collection and storage (e.g. user surveys or polls), notifications and replies via email. System comes with all modules, including:

  • Administrator interface
  • SIP server
  • Local database
  • Payment Gateway API connector
  • Voice Mail system

  • - Call Center Platform
  • - Simple, yet complete
  • - Outgoing campaigns
  • - Install on premises
  • - Remote installation service
  • - All modules included

PayIVR is advanced incoming call management platform for authorizing credit card payments via phone. List of features:

Technical Specifications

  • Number types supported:
    • Toll-free
    • Regular
  • Payment gateway supported:
    • Supported card types:
      • VISA,
      • AMEX
      • Mastercard
      • others, check your account
  • Multiple languages:
    • yes, any number
  • Voice prompt types:
    • prerecorded mp3 or wav files
    • text-to-speach generated
  • Other features:
    • Voice mail
    • Email notifications 
  • Scalability:
    • Add any number of switch nodes with the capacity growth – not limited;
    • Add database copy for hot stand by and failover;
    • Add separate servers for web proxy (security and failover)
Payment gateway types
Protocols SIP

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