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Wide Selection Telephony Solutions

DTLite - download free VoIP system

Are you new to the VoIP, and would like to try before jumping in? Try DTLite, free all-in-one VoIP system, including switch and billing, ready to run. No installation needed, just run as virtual container from your Windows or Linux PC. All features, in a scaled down version

dtlvoip - Hosted VoIP service

Do not want to invest in servers, hardware or software? dtlvoip is for you. We provide servers, bandwidth, host the software, and support you 24/7. With 14 days free trial you can get fully familiar with the system and decide how to proceed.

ArrowBilling and ArrowSwitch

Combining our own more than 10 years development with best components from opensource community, ArrowBilling and ArrowSwitch makes reliable, scalable and feature full VoIP system. SIP/H.323 switch with multilevel reseller billing, and many modules, including:

  • Calling Card providers
  • Mobile phone SIM-dialer and pre-dialer
  • Callshops
  • Callback
  • Call Termination
  • Wholesale traffic

LongBow Billing

Flagship of our product range, Longbow Billing is high capacity, scalable and redundant AAA Server capable to interoperate with wide range of commercial and opensource switching equipment, gateways, proxies, media servers, gatekeepers.

  • High scalability
  • Multi server and multi node redundancy
  • Interoperability by open protocols
  • Customization
  • Expandable modules
  • based on 10 years proven design
  • Extensive support

Opensource projects: BSDRadius

DataTechLabs products incorporate best of what opensorce community can offer. In response, we contribute to opensource community back. BSDRadius, developed by DataTechLabs, is fast, simple and efficient AAA server for telephony applications. Download it free and use with any RADIUS-compliant SIP/H.323/IAX device for real time call authorization and accounting