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What is DTLite

DTLite is free all in the one, billing and switching solution, precompiled and preconfigured, ready to run package consisting of Linux operating system, DTLBilling and DTLSwitch.

This is a complete solution which allows to run small-scale VoIP service in few minutes.


Here are few of the services you can run with this software

  • PC-to-PC SIP system
  • PC-to-Phone system (3rd party termination required)
  • Callshop
  • Phone-to-Phone IVR based calling card system (3rd party DID-provider required)
  • ANI based Callback system (3rd party DID-provider required)
  • Web based callback system
  • Wholesale traffic business
  • any many more applications

How it works

It is ready to run VMware (c) image. You will need a free VMware player to run it. Please see Setup Guide for more information

How to get it

Download DTLite (based on ArrowBilling 2.2 series):

DTLite Appliance (build 20120123): Download | Setup Guide | Release Notes

There are few limitations while running DTLite

  • Maximum 100 accounts
  • Maximum 10 resellers
  • Maximum 1 external RADIUS device


This free product is supported via online support only.