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LongBow Billing

Built on top of the ArrowBilling, the LongBow solution is scalable, multi server AAA system capable of interacting with most of commercially and opensource switching equipment via open RADIUS protocol.

2-dimensional Scalability

Configured in 2-node setup by default, Longbow offers redundancy and high availablity by default. Do not rely on single point of failure which affects all one server architectures. Instead all services are duplicated on at least 2 hardware units by default. With the growth of traffic, scale the tasks performed by system into separate nodes

  • AAA unit
  • Main Database unit
  • Backup Database unit
  • Web Acccess unit
  • Routing processor unit

Achieve second dimension of scalability by adding more hardware power to any of mentioned units. Therefore more than one unit executes the same task allowing for virually unlimited growth

Open Interoperability

Industry established RADIUS protocol allows high level of integration with most vendors equipment. Open protocol also ensures complete transparency of the communication between Longbow and 3rd party equipment allowing better support, diversity and replacement

Functional features

Longbow Integrates all features currently available on ArrowBilling platform.


System design allows creation of customized modules which can address operators specific needs. Examples of currently available modules (optional)

  • POS (Point of Sales) support. Allows vending of calling cards, recharge vouchers and other goods along with callshop services
  • Advertising driven calling card system
  • Conferencing
  • Hotspot Billing