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Major Milestones


Idea created based on the need to build a Billing system for a local Calling Card operation. First working prototypes built later same year.


Starting to offer Hosted VoIP Billing service to international customers.


Operations greatly expanded to include wide range of Hosted VoIP services. Started to offer VoIP switcing services besed on H.323 protocol. Established presence in Middle East, Asia and US


Developed range of ArrowBilling branded VoIP products. Added SIP services. Supporting virtually every type of VoIP services.


Release of series 2.X ArrowBilling software.


Moving into specialized and custom build scalable telephony projects area. Built two-factor authentication service for large enterprises.


Arrow products evolving into new SAARA brand. Adding SMS to the product and service portfolio.

Aivis Olsteins
Aivis Olsteins
Founder and CEO

With more than 25 years in the industry, Aivis Olsteins is founder of DataTechLabs, and has been involved in every aspect of the company through its development. He has large expertise in telecom networks, databases, large data processing and other advanced technical topics. From 1992 till 1999 he worked as a System Engineer in the cable TV operations unit, from 1994 till June 1996 – as a CTO of cable TV company, and from July 1996 till the end of 1999 as Technical Advisor of large Telecommunications company. In 1999 he founded DataTechLabs and currently is co-owner and CTO. Between 2012 and 2018 he was also a Member of Supervisory Council of SAF Tehnika, a listed microwave equipment developer and producer.

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