All services are provided by DataTechLabs SIA with registered address at Mūzikas iela 12A, Jūrmala, LV-2008, Latvia and registered in The Register of Companies of Republic of Latvia under number 50103205211

  1. General - Scope
    1. The following terms and conditions will apply exclusively to the current and future business relationships between the customer and DataTechLabs SIA, hereinafter referred to as DATATECHLABS as well as to the obligations arising therefrom. Deviations may be agreed with DATATECHLABS in writing only.
    2. Dissenting, conflicting or additional customer terms and conditions, even if acknowledged, are not part of the contract unless their validity is expressly agreed upon.
  2. Conclusion of the contract
    1. All offers are subject to change. DATATECHLABS reserves the right to make technical and other reasonable changes.
    2. Upon ordering, the customer is bound to the tentative offer. DATATECHLABS will confirm the receipt of the customer's order immediately. The confirmation is not contractually binding. The confirmation and acceptance of the contract may be incorporated together.
    3. DATATECHLABS is entitled to accept the order within a period of 10 working days after receipt. DATATECHLABS is also entitled to reject the order after examining the reliability of the customer.
  3. Scope of services
    1. DATATECHLABS guarantees an annual average of 99.9% availability of our services. In case of the security of network integrity is in jeopardy, DATATECHLABS can temporarily restrict access to the service as required.
    2. As far as the subject of the contractual relationship is concerned regarding the external services, such as DID numbers, Call termination, VPN services, DATATECHLABS conducts the procurement of the desired services only. For the actual allocation of the external service, the customer can only expect it if this is confirmed by DATATECHLABS. DATATECHLABS does not have any influence over the allocation of the external services. A liability and warranty for the actual allocation of ordered external services is therefore excluded.
    3. The services offered are those valid at the time of the order based on the offer information, the order form and the applicable special offers.
    4. Technical specifications are limitations are regulated by the System Specifications, which can be accessed DATATECHLABS Wiki pages {`${SITE_BASE_URL}`}/support.
    5. Technical support may or may not be included in the offers. The effective prices are available at any time at {`${SITE_BASE_URL}`}/services.
  4. Data integrity
    1. DATATECHLABS will back up server data regularly as a part of the offer. In the case of data loss, DATATECHLABS will restore the state of the system from the last available backup.
    2. The customer will receive an username and password for security purposes. They must be kept confidential. The client will be held liable for any malpractice resulting from the unauthorized use of the password. If the customer becomes aware that unauthorized third parties know the password, they have to inform DATATECHLABS without delay. If the customer is at fault for third-party password abuse, the customer will be liable for all user fees and damages. In suspicious cases the client is able to request a new password, which DATATECHLABS will send on to the clients.
  5. Privacy policy
    1. DATATECHLABS data protection practises conforms to the EU Directive 95/46/EC.
    2. Personal data of customers will only be collected and used, if they are required for the creation, content arrangement or modification of the contractual relationship.
    3. The client’s Email address will only be used for information on orders, invoices and customer care as well as for our newsletter, if the client wishes.
    4. DATATECHLABS does not give any personal client information to third parties, with the exception of service partners as far as they are required to determine the remuneration and settlement with the customer.
    5. The client has the right to information and a right to amend, to suspend or to delete his saved information. If deletion conflicts with a legal or contractual duty to save information, or other legal grounds, the information will be made inaccessible.
    6. DATATECHLABS uses cookies. DATATECHLABS uses this information for identification of client sessions and statistical analysis purposes only.
  6. Proper use
    1. It is the customer's responsibility to identify the traffic originating from IP addresses assigned to them by DATATECHLABS as their own. Further obligations may result from the provisions of the Telecommunications Act and Teleservices Act. The customer is obliged to examine these provisions and to comply with them.
    2. The client undertakes not to undertake actions which might violate the rights of third parties or otherwise violate the law. The engagemant in fraudulent activieties like sending traffic to unauthorized parties, flooding, attacking, password scanning of other parties, sending traffic to premium rate services without receiving party consent is not permitted.
    3. DATATECHLABS is entitled to block access to the account of any customer who violates this.
  7. Liability
    1. DATATECHLABS will not assume liability for direct damages, secondary damages or lost profits due to technical problems and disturbances within the Internet that are outside of DATATECHLABS's sphere of influence.
    2. If the customer’s actions are is in violation of paragraph 6 of obligations, they shall be liable to DATATECHLABS for all of the resulting direct and indirect damages, including property damage. In addition, the customer agrees to free DATATECHLABS from all claims by third parties – no matter which kind – that may result from illegal use of service. The exemption obligation includes liability for all legal defence costs (e.g. court and attorneys' fees).
  8. Terms of payment
    1. The current valid prices are accessible at any time at
    2. Depending on the contractual agreement, a monthly, quarterly or annual account will be issued. All payments are carried out through issuing an invoice. Payment is due immediately upon receiving the invoice.
    3. DATATECHLABS is entitled without warning to deduct default interest on all overdue payments as indicated on the invoices.
    4. DATATECHLABS is also entitled, in case of default of payments, to block the customer access to the services and to block all other functions.
  9. Contract duration/cancellation/place of execution
    1. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period unless otherwise if not otherwise stated.
    2. The contract is cancellable without giving reasons by both parties at any time during a period of 30 days to the end of the month, but at the earliest on expiry of the minimum contract period stipulated in the contract. A cancellation can only be done in writing by letter, fax or via the online administrations area.
    3. DATATECHLABS is also entitled to terminate the contractual relationship for good cause without notice.
    4. The place of business for all services under this contract is Republic of Latvia.
  10. Cancellation terms
    1. Right of withdrawal. Client has the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The withdrawal period will expire after 14 days from the day of the conclusion of the contract. To exercise the right of withdrawal, customer must inform DATATECHLABS (e.g. a letter sent by post, fax, Email or via the online administrations area).
    2. Consequences of withdrawal. If client withdraws from this contract, DATATECHLABS will reimburse all payments received without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which DATATECHLABS is informed about cleints decision to withdraw from this contract. If client requested to begin the service during the withdrawal period, he/she shall pay to DATATECHLABS an amount which is in proportion to what has been provided until he/she has communicated to DATATECHLABS his/her withdrawal from this contract, in comparison with the full coverage of the contract.
  11. Queries and complaints
    1. Queries and complaints should be addressed to DataTechLabs SIA, Mūzikas iela 12A, Jūrmala, LV-2008, Latvia.

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