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Choose our cloud Services which are the result of years of experience in Telecom and Cloud Services Area. Fully featured, complete telecommunications service which covers most of today's communications requirements for your business. Select one or several of the services below and receive complete, integrated solution.

Voice Telephony Service

Provide Voice Telephony infrastructure to your customers in a cost-effective and simple way

Large part of voice communications have already moved to Internet. It takes shape in the form of Voice over IP (VoIP), IP-PBXes, and related protocols like SIP, H.323. It provides far greater flexibility by being able to access voice services from anywhere in the world, and choose best quality and price services due to the open nature of Internet.

From small ISPs and VoIP providers, to Call centers, enterprises and conusltants: create your own voice Telephony infrastructure in minutes. Add your choice of Voice Carriers, DID numbers and other additional services. Become an owner of your own Voice Telecommunication network: provision your clients, set up pricing plans, create routes, track usage and manage bills.

Our Voice services are fully cloud based, backed up by worlds leading cloud providers. Become part of the service trusted by thousands of customers during almost two decades of continuous service.

An integrated RESTful API lets integrators create applications like contact center dialers, call back and others.

Text Messaging (SMS) Cloud Service

Two way Text messaging (SMS) - an effective way to reach large audience in seconds

Our services allow you to become a critical element in Text Mesaging delivery chain: provide SMS services in an user- and application- friendly way. Let users send SMS from their servers, services or apps in a way they understand it. Our API service can talk to any programming language, and translate they request in a way SMS carriers will understand best.

SMS service integrates with Voice Service in a seamless way: via same client and carrier accounts, consolidated usage reports and billing

Intelligent IVR Service

Build an IVR Service according to your or your client requirements. Fully customize the users experience by using simple graphical interface based building blocks.

Create your own smart Interactive Voice Response system by use of our graphical interface which is both simple and powerful: it combines simplictity of graphical user interface with advanced features of a high-lelev programming language. No need to set up your own server, no need to learn programming languages. IVR Builder comes with building blocks which allows to build high complexity IVR systems in an hour or less. Check out our ONLINE DEMO - all of the scenarios featured there are built within an hour from scratch, including testing.

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