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By: Aivis Olsteins

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Payment Authorization by Phone

Automated, IVR-driven telephone system for credit card proessing with

We are proud to announce PayIVR - an interactive telephony voice system for making and accepting credit card payments. It is fully customizable, multilingual, with possibility to either use prerecorded sound prompt files or make use of TTS. System can handle very high volume of calls, it was successfully tested with more than 500 simultaneous calls per one server. Currently supports payment gateway. Other gateways upon request.

Administrators are presented with option to fine tune their IVR flows with extremely high degree of details, for example you can choose for each individual prompt whether it will be a prerecorded message or a TTS one, or for example, define patterns for digit entries, which are useful in case, when you need to define different length for CVV codes based or card brand (3 digits for Visa/MC, 4 digits for Amex). Of course, order of prompt play can be fully customized, as well as actions taken after each keypress and you can also configure what information to store n database. All call data is recorded and kept in the database, but user can also choose to store some additional information, like extra phone number user is prompted to enter or anything else. System also supports voice message recording. User can be prompted to leave a message at any stage of the call, and the recording are either kept in the database or emailed to the address of support or both. 

Phone payment system diagram

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With more than 25 years in the industry, Aivis Olsteins is founder of DataTechLabs, and has been involved in every aspect of the company through its development. He has large expertise in telecom networks, databases, large data processing and other advanced technical topics.

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