IVR Builder

IVR Builder is available both as standalone product for on-premises installation and as a cloud service.

We offer IVR Builder as a cloud based service for anyone interested in building their own Intelligent Interactive Voice systems. You can order the service either with an Incoming Phone number (DID) from the list of countries or without. If you do not have your own number, or wish to obtain a new, we offer a list of countries to choose from at very competitive prices. Alternatively, if you have your own DID number and want to build IVR connected to it, you can forward it to our Cloud Service via SIP trunk or PSTN line.

To see this option in live action, please go to the DEMO PAGE.

To start building your own Intelligent IVR, please get a FREE ACCOUNT HERE. There are on Signup fees, or credit card details needed. 


IVR Builder

Intelligent Easy to Build Interactive Voice Response System

Highly powerful and easy customizable Intelligent IVR System for anyone - starting from Individuals and small companies to large corporations
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IVR Builder is feature rich Intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System. It combines power of high level programming language with ease of drag-and-drop driven graphical interface. With little learning and with no programming skills one can create applications which can be used in any areas such as:

  • Voice responders;
  • Voice mailboxes and notification systems;
  • Voice controlled automation systems;
  • Information inquiry and response;
  • Customer database lookup and management;
  • Payment processing automation;
  • Product ordering, dispatching and status inquiry services;

large selection of highly customizable building "blocks" allow building of scenarios of virtually unlimited complexity. Here are just some of building block we provide:

  • Voice control;
  • Text to speech readers in multiple languages;
  • Speech parsing;
  • Voice recording;
  • Touch tone (DTMF) recognition;
  • Local voice file storage;
  • Flow control via branching, looping and iteration;
  • Data types: numerical, strings, objects, arrays of any complexity;
  • Data storage and retrieval;
  • External API connection and support: data read/write;
  • Payment processor integration;
  • Third party database integration;
  • E-mail and SMS messaging;

For system users, there are range of additional functions integrated in the system:

  • Media file manager;
  • Voice profile management;
  • Incoming number (DID) management;
  • Call rating and reports

  • - Voice Command
  • - Text to Speech
  • - Speech Recognition
  • - Messaging and SMS
  • - Database and API
  • - Credit Card Support

IVR Builder is advanced incoming call management platform for building Intelligent Interactive Voice Response Systems.

Technical Specifications

  • Number types supported:
    • Toll-free
    • Regular
  • Speech recognition support (built-in):
    • Google Cloud
    • IBM Watson
    • Bing
    • Houndify
    • CMU Sphinx
    • Wit.ai
  • Text-to-speech support:
    • Amazon Polly
  • Text-to-speech Languages:
  • Payment gateway supported:
    • Authorize.net. Supported card types:
      • VISA,
      • AMEX
      • Mastercard
      • others, check your authorize.net account
  • Multiple languages:
    • yes, any number
  • Voice prompt types:
    • prerecorded mp3 or wav files
    • text-to-speach generated
  • Other features:
    • Voice mail
    • Email notifications 
  • Scalability:
    • Add any number of switch nodes with the capacity growth – not limited;
    • Add database copy for hot stand by and failover;
    • Add separate servers for web proxy (security and failover)
Telephony SIP
Messaging SMS, email
Data types numbers, strings, objects, arrays, boolean
Voice file types .wav

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